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Saturday, 1-Apr-2006 18:49 Email | Share | Bookmark
Mini Sized Baguette

As promised, here's the recipe for making mini sized baguette.


(Makes about 6 mini sized baguettes)
250g bread flour
5 g active dry yeast
5g sugar
3g salt
5g shortening
155ml warm water
some flour to knead

How to make:
1. Sift flour and add in yeast,salt & sugar. Slowly add in warm water and knead until the dough starts to gather.
2. Move dough to a clean,flat working space that has been dusted with a bit of flour(eg. table) Knead for another 2 minutes or so and gradually add in shortening. Knead some more until you get a smooth dough. The dough shouldn't be sticky at all and will form a nice,smooth surface. This will take about 15mins ( uli pakai tangan,beb! )
3. Place dough in a well oiled,clean bowl and cover in plastic to proof for about 50-60minutes.
4. Once done proofing, take out dough and divide into 6 even portions. Knead to the center of each portions and form a nice round ball. Leave covered with a clean towel for 10 minutes. ( benchtime )
5. Flatten each ball using pin and rolll in tightly. Using sharp knive, make a small cut on top of each portion, cover in clean plastic and proof for the 2nd time.
6. Once done proofing, bake in a preheated oven for 12-15minutes (200degrees)

And, what more could be more delicious than GARLIC TOAST! Had 'em with some cheese, salad and tomatoes..and a bowl of hot mushroom soup..ummmppHH! Enak dimakan~

To Mama>> Yup, I love jagung,too! Tapi yela, buat banyak2 last2 kasi bbdk lain yg makan sbb tak terhabis nak makan sorg

To Dusyum>> Hehe..tu bukan dorayaki Dusyum. nampak cam dorayaki ek?heheh..dorayaki tu kuih doraemon..yg mcm pancake kecik & tgh die ada kacang merah sedap tu..btw, nak post kat msia takut basi laaa..hihihi

Tomorrow, Strawberry & Bitter Orange Scone

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