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Wednesday, 19-Apr-2006 10:03 Email | Share | Bookmark
Cream Cheese Soufflé

I made these mini soufflés last Monday sbb nak menghabeskan some left over cream cheese I had in the fridge. Wouldn't want that to go to waste huh? Nways, this soufflé recipe is sooo easy to make, seriously, it'll only take about 10minutes to prepare the batter Here are the ingredients:


300g cream cheese
30g cornstarch
1/4 cup sour cream ( or you can use buttermilk( milk+lemon juice ) or even plain milk )
90g sugar
3 eggs, seperated
1 teaspoon lemon juice
vanilla beans ( or vanilla extract )
lemon zest

How to make:

1. Place cream cheese in a clean bowl, wrap with saran wrap and put in microwave for 15-20 seconds. When taken out, cream cheese should be soft enough to be whipped using spatula.
2. Add in sour cream ( or milk ) into cream cheese and 2/3 of the sugar. Mix well.
3. Add in egg yolks, one by one, mixing evenly after adding into the mixture. Lastly add in lemon juice,lemon zest and vanilla beans ( vanilla extract ).
4. In another clean bowl, beat egg whites and remaining sugar until white peaks start to form ( macam buat meringue )
5. Add in meringue to the cream cheese mixture and fold in gently. Remember to never over folding the meringue and mixture or the soufflés won't puff (Guna teknik macam nak buat sponge cake )
6. Line base and sides of pan with greased parchment paper ( for the sides, cut out the parchment papers higher than the sides of the pan ).Bake in preheated oven of 180 degrees Celcius for 30 minutes.
7. Leave to cool before serving with whipped cream or fresh fruits.

A great and yummy dessert that can be made with such little effort and such little amount of time Try it, you'll LOVE IT!

** Mama >> Welcome home, mama! hehe..How was your trip? Patut la saya check page mama lama tade updates N,way,looking forward for more of your bahan eksperimen in your fp

** K.Tini >> hehe.thanks K.Tini!Would really like to go to your spa one day nanti:-) Masak2 ni still an amatuer lagik Kalu K.Tini pon ada recipes menarik leh la share kan

** K.Zaza >> dah update dah K.zaza! Check it out Plus,your hair ok je la.Short hair mmg sgt senang..less shampoo and less the hassle!

** Mapley >> ke mapley..camtu kena kumpul2 duit la. Nak buat hadiah kawen tu

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