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By: zairul and zack

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Sunday, 4-Jun-2006 15:44 Email | Share | Bookmark
Keledek oh~ keledek

Bukak carik resepi baru is never a dissapointment. You can get so many recipes of so many versions yang best2..especially when it comes to lauk can get ANY RECIPES just from browsing tru the forum

So, hari tu lepas belek punye belek..I came tru a thread for recipes using sweet potatoes=keledek.. bykla jumpa resepi kuih keria, che mek molek, cucur badak and even cakar ayam And since keria & che mek molek dah di'try' beberapa kali, I decided to try out making cucur badak and cakar ayam instead

cucur badak ku beratur

And I might say, not bad lah for a first try ( haha..masuk bakul angkot sendiri kaaa.. )
Though for the cucur badak I didn't have any fresh grated coconuts so I used dried coconut flakes instead. Rasanya kurengg la sket, tapi boleh laa kalu takat nak buat rasa I got the recipe from actually but tgk kat forum pon ramai yg kasi recipe yg lebih kurang sama. So try je la kan.Here's the recipe:

300 gm sweet potatoes
8 tbsp flour
oil to fry

Filling:( to be blended)
1 tbsp dried prawns
1/4 green onion
1 stick lemon grass
4 dried chilli ( cili kering )
¼ tsp coriander ( ketumbar )
¼ tsp anise ( jintan manis )
¼ tsp cumin ( jintan putih )
¼ tsp turmeric powder ( kunyit )

200g coconut flakes
1 cup water

How to make:
1. Fry blended ingredients until fragrant. Add in coconut flakes, salt and water. Simmer until water dries out. Leave to cool before using.
2. Boil sweet potatoes until soft, peel off skin and mash. Add in flour to form soft dough.
3. Divide mashed sweet potatoes into small portions. Fill in with coconut filling and roll to form a ball. Pat the balls of potatoes to be shaped into patties.
4. Deep fry until golden brown

Pehtu jadikla camni...

And as for the cakar ayam..

500g sweet potatoes, finely sliced ( I used my food processor for the slicing )
250g palm sugar
1/2 cup of water
oil to fry

How to make:
1. Deep fry sweet potatoes until brownish. Be careful not to over-fry it because the potatoes will fry up pretty quickly. After frying, place on a clean kitchen paper.
2. In a deep frying pan, dissolve palm sugar with water and cook until it starts to thicken. Add in fried potatoes into the sugar, turn off the heat and mix evenly until all are evenly coated.
3. Press the coated potatoes in a round cap ( I use my mayonaise bottle's cap ) and leave to harden on a big tray.
4. Store in an airtight tuppaware.

seronok gak dapat makan cakar ayam and cucur badak kat Jepun..and who would've thought that I would be making my own cakar ayam kat umah..hihih..tapi yelah, rasa pon gituh2 jela..cukup la kan buat lepas gian..akibat perasaan teringin

sonang gak ghopenye nak buat yekk...belom coba belum tau

mapley >> huiii..cakar harimau kaa. resepi baru tu.belom ade org penah try tp bleh bleh..nanti aku try
K.Rossya >> heheh..mekaseh k.rossya. nak kirim sepeket takut hancusss berderai by the time sampai msia
Yusoff+Yana=Azhad >> hihih...ala k.yana, kita pon try resepi kat internet yg dah berjaya2 jer jugak tula, malas nak trial and error byk2..( tp kkdg tu ade jer yg tak jadik sgt )
azeemah >> aaa...azeemah bleh beli kat msia..yg lagiii sodap. kite lagilaaaa jeles
mama >> mama share la resepi cucur badak mama tu..bleh saya try
diba >> k.diba..saya masak ni sbb nak release stress hehehe
oshin >> iie iie..tade la byk sgt ilmu nye pon kak..still blajor2 lagi ni

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