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Tuesday, 13-Jun-2006 07:23 Email | Share | Bookmark
Banana Muffins

Actually dah lama sebenornye buat Banana Muffin ni. I brought it to work last two week on Sunday sbb tak breakfast nyer pasal

ghope muffin ku..

The recipe proved to be moist and yummy, just like the reviews from everyone who've tried making these muffins. As usual, my source this time would be the all-time favourite,in which I found this miraculous recipe under the name "Banana Crumb Muffins".

Trust me, you won't regret making these muffins.
Here is the recipe:


190 g all-purpose flour
3 g baking soda
7 g baking powder
3 g salt
3 bananas, mashed ( I used pisang montel yg brand Del Monte, panjang dlm 10-12cm )
150 g white sugar ( I changed it to brown sugar instead..and i think it tasted better )
1 egg, lightly beaten
75 g butter, melted

(crumb topping)
75 g packed brown sugar
15 g all-purpose flour
0.3 g ground cinnamon
15 g butter

How to make:

1. Sift dry ingredients into a bowl. In another bowl, mix mashed bananas, egg and melted butter.
2. Combine the wet ingredients to the dy ingredients.
TIP: I learned this trick from a website on how to mix without OVER-MIXING when you want to combine liquids to dry ingredients. Using the largest whisk, scooped up the batter in a big circular motion and tapped the whisk on the side of the bowl to drop the batter back into the bowl. Repeat while turning the bowl 90 degrees each time until the batter is almost homogenous. This technique will make the batter more airy and will produce big, high muffins. ( Thanks Lynn, for a great tip! )
3. Sprinkle crumb toppings on top of each muffins and bake in a preheated oven of 180 Deg. for 20-25 minutes or until inserted toothpick comes out clean.
4. Serve warm or chilled topped with whipped cream.


Happy trying peeps!

dR aLi >> well..some do sports, some go for massages..apparently i cook to release stress
zaza >> ur most welcome..Happy 28th Birthday btw
rossya >> maybe I should try that the next time i make susah la nak carik dried berries kat sini..kalu ade pon mahallll
inda >> rasanya kalu dlm nihonggo its ' chuurikiko' ( it's between hakurikiko ngan kyourikiko ) pack dia kaler biru camni

Phalinn >> boleh aje if nak letak dry furits or fresh fruits, maybe u can try and use this recipe instead -> Apple Strudel Muffin
mama >> orange pon bunyik cam sedap jer mama..maybe dry oranges instead huh?
Yusoff+Yana=Azhad >> yokattane..resepi tu mmg sedap..and versatile sbb bleh ganti buah lain gak..recipe ni pon sedap gak..kena cuba!
Yusrii >> thanks for the suggestion itula, mula ingat nak hias..tak sempat hias nak amek gambo dah ade org tunggu nak makan tu yg togel aje rupe muffin nyer
mapley >> huishhh...muffin dan bola? idea menarik..pastuh letak jersey skali kat blakang kan :-D
K.Yan >> ekekekke...itula K.Yan..i think my diet just went down the drain
Ouled Kenitra >> hehe..takpela, u can ask org lain buatkan..then u makan lah
Azli Jamil >> heheheh...we should never let our stomach empty my friend..makan jgn tak makan

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