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Thursday, 15-Jun-2006 07:27 Email | Share | Bookmark
Banana Orange Ice cream & Tuiles


..and here comes the ice-y treat everybody lovessss

YUP, ice cream! This ice cream is a change from the usuals; strawberry, choc, vanilla- ( boring gak dok mkn yang itu ajer )

banana orange ice cream

So easy to make, trust me! You don't need to have an ice cream maker to make homemade ice creams. All you need is the right ingredients!

Here's the recipe:


160ml water
2 tbsp sunquick orange
2 bananas
120g white sugar
200ml heavy cream

How to make:

1. Mix orange paste to water and add in bananas & sugar. Pulse in blender to form puree.
2. Whisk cream for 5 minutes ( if using mixer, half the time ) but be careful not to whip too much until it stiffens. Just enough concistency that the cream will slightly stick to the whisk.
3. Mix puree into whisked cream and pour in a stainless steel tuppaware ( I just used my square baking pan ) Wrap with cling wrap and make sure the wrap touches the surface of the ice cream.
4. Chill until harden. Serve with caramel sauce & crushed walnuts*

As for the orange+water, you can substitute it with the regular orange juice and the amount should be changed to180ml ok
* as for the toppings, it can be anything you like; choc rice, cornflakes, almonds etc..ikut selera sendiri yer

As for the tuiles, I got the recipe from Mama's page ( the recipe was from Puan Sri form Forum.Cari --> thank you mama n puansri ) This recipe is also very simple and is a quick way to substitute ice cream cones if you don't have any at home. And as for the recipe, you can check it out at Mama's page -> Tuiles

and it just hit me, that Ice Cream is really actually iced Cream!! aiyaaaa...itula kalu reti makan jer more ice cream recipes to come people, so stay tuned!

Meanwhile, I'm gonna enjoy my cup of ice cream yummmmm yummmmmm~

Baby Shafira >> me too!!
emly >> thank lah akibatnyer kalu stress relievernye memasak resepi lasagna ada kat page ni. nak kata sedap tadela gak, but basicaly this is how I make mine --> pasai ice cream ni, itula..ingat susah nak buat, senang je rupanyer
medusa >> thank you K.Med..kami ni anak baru belajor lagik Tengah belajar lagi pasal Food Photography though
mama >> meh la mamaaa...jgn malu jgn segan
Noor >> resepi sini byk amek resepi org..pastu alter sendri ilmu masak2 ni masih kurang lagi kak..
Yusof+Yana=Azhad >> aaa..pasal cream tu..sebenarnya yg NamaKuri-mu (生クリーム) tu heavy cream la K.Yana..though kita pakai yg murah punyer je. Kalu kat supa dlm 100yen++ je..kalu nak beli heavy cream slalu dkt 300yen++..adusss..benkreep btw, kita pakai whip cream biasa jer. yg 低脂肪 gambo dia

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