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English Muffins

I was looking tru some websites about bread and muffins and came across this recipe. I've never had English muffins before so I thought, why not give it a try The recipe is not too complicated, and I believe it's rather healthy. The dough is a very simple bread dough and instead of baking it in the oven, all you have to do is fry it on a hot griddle without using too much oil to cook ( tak mcm donut )

Here's the recipe:


500g bread flour
12g dry yeast
10g salt
415~425ml water
10g skim milk
20g sugar
40g shortening
6g baking powder
corn grits

How to make:

1. Mix dry yeast with water. ( TIP: Put aside 20-30ml of water taken from the total amount of water. This is going to be used during mixing to adjust the firmness of the dough )
2. Add in the rest of the ingredients into the yeast mixture and knead until dough pulls off from the sides of the bowl. Add the water that was put aside if dough lacks of liquid.
3. Leave to proof for 50 mins.
4. Punch down gas and roll out dough. Cut out dough using a round cutter and roll in corn grits ( cornmeal ) until evenly covered. Leave for 2nd proofing about 30 minutes.
5. Heat griddle ( you can also use non-stick pans ) and lightly brush oil on the surface. Cook muffins until slightly browned on both surface.
6. Serve with smoke turkey slices, salad, cheese etc. Also a great substitute for burger buns.

Actually, untuk buat English muffins ni, they have what they call English muffins Rings. After proofing for the first time, dough is divided into even portions and place in English Muffin Rings to proof for the second time. And for the cooking method, using the griddle is simply the easy way to cook it, but you can also cook these muffins in the oven. I chose to use the griddle sbb malas nak bazir electric

the rings

The inside of these English delight is very soft indeed and they usually put it in the toaster to give an extra crisp. Serving these muffins hot with even butter & jam can be delicious and enough to satisfy a hungry tummy in the morning.

If there're left overs, just place 'em in a ziplock and freeze in the fridge. Bila nak makan, take it out, cut the muffins in half, masuk dlm toaster..and there you go. A quick breakfast ready in a jiffy

To those yg nak mencuba, sila sila kan la. Kalu2 dah boring makan roti keping tu, you can give this recipe a try for a change

Selamat Mencuba

Yusof+Yana=Azhad >> K.yana..ganti jer ngan butter ..margarine pon boleh
k.oshin >> huehuehuehh..omputihhh sket k.oshin
rossya >> aah lerr..luper lak McD penah ada eng. muffin ni..ade jual lagik ke nownih k.rossya?
emly >> aikk? takleh nampak ker emly? ..hmmm...ghapo yek cuba refresh balik pagenyer..
mama >> wah wah..mama dah kasik kita soalan peksa laa nway, ini jwpn utk soalan peksa mama tu:
1. Skim milk tu susu tepung (skim milk powder) kalu tade pakai susu tepung biasa pon boleh gak mama..fresh milk tu, tak sure la plak..rasanya susu ni utk lembutkan sket rotinye kot mama..kalu nak leave out pon ok kottt..
2. Corn grits@cornmeal tu serbuk jagung kering yang dah dikisar halus(bukan tepung) slalunya ada jual kat supermarket nak substitute..hmm maybe tepung graham ke..or maybe rye flour kot. the cornmeal is to give the muffins some texture
3. Saya pon tak pakai muffin rings tu mama..saya roll dough tu pastuh potong pakai round cutter. then golek2 dlm cornmeal pastu bg dia proof for the 2nd time.
mekaseh mama...still improving and thanks for the endless support. ur my no.1 fan

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