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Saturday, 1-Jul-2006 06:54 Email | Share | Bookmark
It was a rainy day..

Yup...Jepun dilanda tsuyu - rainy season..

Tgkla kat luar...mendung aje..

It's been raining since yesterday evening, and it finally stopped just now. Though it's a Saturday but I didn't really feel like getting out because of the dampness outside. Had my kelas ganti in the morning, on the way to school I dreaded of the thought that the rain might just pour down even harder..payung ku yg cenonet tak mampu nak tampung kelebaran badan sendiri so, arriving at the classroom with half of my jeans soaking wet, kaki melekit2 ( sbb hujan time summer..but then again,at least my toes aren't freezing ) I sat through the 3-hour class..

By the time sampai umah, my cravings for sweets got the best of me and forced me to make some cookies Thank God I had some PB left and and there I was, baking me some cookies I've been meaning to buat for quite some time. Selesai membakar, there I was with a glass of milk on one hand, and some fresh-from-the-oven cookies, I switched on the tv, and layan cite kat FOX.

Well, I don't wanna be tamak and have these yummy yummy yummy cookies all to myself, so I'm gonna share the recipes with sume ( like I always do )

Classic Peanutbutter Cookies by

200 g unsalted butter
260 g crunchy peanut butter
200 g white sugar
220 g packed brown sugar
2 eggs
310 g all-purpose flour
8 g baking powder
3 g salt
5 g baking soda

How to make:

1. Cream butter, sugar and peanut butter. Add the eggs.
2. In another bowl, sift together dry ingredients. Add to the butter mixture and mix well. If the dough seem a bit tooooo lembik, add 1-2 tbsp of flour - mine was a bit, maybe sbb of the heat in the kitchen, the creamed butter looked a lot more fluffier!
3. Chill in refrigerator for at least 1 hour or more. Roll dough into small balls and give a soft pat on the top of the cookie using a fork and place on baking sheet.
4. Baked in a preheated oven until surface of the cookie turns brownish. REMEMBER to line the cookies at least 1-2inches apart. These cookies will spread like hell That's why I don't make my balls of dough too big
5. Keep in air tight container and best dipped in milk and, NGAP!

You can also add more peanuts, choc chips or maybe some raisins if you want to. I added some butterscotch morsels tp sket je la..sbb tamau manis sgt. And I also lessen the sugar to 175gwhite sugar:195g brown sugar. Manis sgt!

mapley, I found a spot in my house with a great source of light for pictures like these..yatta!

So people, while I enjoy the rest of my gloomy day..Happy trying with the PB cookies aye!

And back to the books I go... ( with my cookies & milk of course )

mama >> haaa..benda ginih semangat tu penting mama! silap2 nanti abes 2-3 tuppaware siap cookies mama buat nanti kang..heheh..kalu extra tu meh ler pos sini sket
yang mazni >> baguih le kalu dah jumpe benda nak ganti souffle cups tu kak mazni. dah try pon yek? glad the recipe turned out nice mmg muffin tu best & furthermore sgt la senang nak buat..sila la letak kat blog..takpe recipe nye pon saya dpt from org lain gak
intan azim >> hehe..haah la..mana gambo cookies nye?
f i q u e >> ekekek...ape gaya kita chat kot FP ni fique? nways, its a small world afterall yek..betui cam jejak kasih plak..hihihi lama terpisah tu..tujuh tahun
ethanako >> haaa..itu nama nya nafsu nak makan ethanako apa sajaaa demi rasa nak makan ethanako dah buat gak ek cookies nye? which one? well, no problem! *ckp org dia pon rajin gak sebenarnye tuh..hihi
rossya >> yup..saw the picture at ur FP just now..wah wah..lawa gile gamba quiche nye u made me want to make the quiche again glad u liked the recipe
mapley >> hahaha..tula, sassoku beb itula, tinggal nak ilangkan shadow tu jer..natural lighting umah aku ni mmg tak best aa..takpe2..sesama kita blajo
cik atun >> amboi amboi...lama betuii dia menyepi yek ek cik atun? aduhai..mane la aku ni terer pon..kau tu, tade kurang nye ( aceh..gaya makcik2 ckp la plak ) bleh2..meh blajo masak same2
azam >> haa..perut tu mintak di isi la camtu azam gi makan sana..
dani >> haa..i used to have the same problem, until la i asked Mamafami camne nak mama kasik tips, letak dlm clean plastic bag and letak kat tempat yg panas..kalu tade, panaskan oven, offkan then letak dough dlm bowl yg dah cover ngan plasticbag tu..insya-allah naik cuba la recipe tu..mmg sedap

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