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Wednesday, 12-Jul-2006 17:13 Email | Share | Bookmark
Dah nak exam dah...


Aaahh comes the exam week again..mine will start on the 25th until the 31st. Seb baik tak byk sgt paper..but still kena pulun gak study sbb tinggal lagi seminggu ++ je

".. Seb baik World Cup dah abes..." fuhhhhhhh...kalu tak mau tak study

In which talking about the last WC..ahh, what a shock it was! I was cheering on for France to win the WC this time, but I guess fate wasn't at the hands of the Frenchiess and so the Italians won. Zidane's head-butting scene was also a shock - cost him dearly; a
RED card that had made him leave both the field and his career in such a tragic way..

..zannendeshita naa...

I guess that Materazzi guy must've said something that really pissed Zizou off - though the latest news said that they've asked a lip-reader expert to make out what the two said on the field and turns out that Materazzi guy was claimed to have called Zidane a "dirty terrorist" or "son of a terrorist whore"

.. Ahh, itu sudah over beb..sape la tak ngamuk kalu org kutuk mak kita gituh.. ( if that's what that mamat said la kan )

Despite the whole incident, Zidane or Zizou is still praised for his termendous job of getting the team to the finals, when most didn't hope for them to go that far. He is a great football player and though I'm not really a big fan of football, I'm sure that the world will definitely miss a magnificent player like Zizou..

- and my very own Klinnsyy @ Klinsmann was also praised for doing in great job with the German team, eventhough they finished 3rd..ppl in Germany said that they want Klinsyy dearest to stay as the national coach ( sumber dr fique )

Yeahhh, that's my man.. acehh..hihihi

Anyways, back to the recipe of the day ( actually made this a few days back..tade masa update, sibuk baca buku..kekhekek ), I made these Cream Filled Cupcakes sbb saja testing2 nak buat cupcakes The cake was a simple chocolate cake, slightly sponge-like, not too densed and as for the reviews from the original recipe, the cake might be a bit bland without the piped filling in the middle. You're more than welcome to use your own chocolate cake recipe for this, and just pipe the filling afterwards. Here's the recipe ppl:

Cream Filled Cupcakes


185 g all-purpose flour
200 g white sugar
40 g unsweetened cocoa powder
5 g baking soda
3 g salt
1 egg
120 ml milk
120 ml water
120 ml vegetable oil
3 ml vanilla extract

cream filling
30 g butter
25 g shortening
125 g confectioners' sugar
1 g salt
20 ml milk
3 ml vanilla extract

How to make:

1. In a large bowl, sif the flour, sugar, cocoa, baking soda together and add in salt. Make a well in the center and pour in the eggs, milk, water, oil and vanilla essence. Mix welland fill each muffin cup half-full of batter.
2. Bake in the preheated oven of 190deg C for 15 to 20 minutes, or until a toothpick inserted into the center of the cake comes out clean. Allow to cool.
3. For the filling, beat butter and shortening together until smooth. Blend in confectioners' sugar and salt. Gradually beat in 3 tablespoons milk and 1 teaspoon vanilla until light and fluffy. Fill a pastry bag with a small tip. Push tip through bottom of paper liner to fill each cupcake. You can pipe it from the top and frost it with your favourite frosting or decorate it with buttercream.
4. Served chilled ( lagi sedap )

Especially delicious served time minum ptg, time tgh minum teh or kopi.. or if ur a sweets kinda person, this cupcake is also great as desserts and also, a will be a big hit in parties ( as claimed in the review part of the recipe )

Esok nak kena start study..but I will continue posting pictures here. Takan study gile2 sampai tak makan kot kan?

kekekek..tipu la tu

sleepless nights mengadap buku..welcome welcome

fique >> aaa..dah nak balik tuh balik msia. I won't be going back not until early September..balik 3 minggu je sbb skolah stat bulan 10 Nway..nak wat ghano my Klinsyy tamau jd coach dah kan..agaknye ye kot takut bini
mapley >> yupppp...materazzi sucks! LONG LIVE ZIZOU!!
aZeeMaH >> thanks azeemah..and of course, GOOD LUCK TO YOU TOO! When is the big day again?
e c a h >> thanks ecah
trottrot >> hi trottrot ...yup, i also had doubts buat roti dulu..sbb selalu sgt rotinye jadi keras la, tak naik la..blablabla..but then, I listened to MamaFami's advice, and of course had my fair share of 'trial-and-error' lama2 dah ok ni I can bake bread and not having to throw it out sbb tak jadik anymore kena try dulu..and jgn give up kalu tak jadi..I'm sure you can cook anything if you try and thanks for the wish, too!
intan azim >> hehe..nak tempah tu boleh takut sampai msia dah takleh makan jer la intan
MamaFaMi >> Hi mama!! Welcome back..rindu lama tak tgk mama update FP Belom stat enjin mama dah buat kuih sagu..kalu dah stat enjin agaknye kuih apa la lagi yg kluar ek mama Glad to have you back!
rossya >> Yup, give it a try K.rossya! Filling dia sedap and thanks a lot for the wishes..
Phalinn Ooi >> aaa..that we don't know for sure la kan..but ur right. mmg a WC to remember WC 2006 ni Thanks for the wish and glad to know ur having fun kat msia..balik Ireland bila?
emly >> tu la emly..kita pon agak shidey gak, but no got rezeki la dorg kan..nak wat camnerr and thanks!
yangmazni >> thank you k.mazni!
nn >> ooo..nak exam gak dah ke? well, good luck to you too! insya-allah exam ok..
ps: tak rajin pon, suke makan jer

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