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Friday, 21-Jul-2006 07:15 Email | Share | Bookmark
A boost for breakfast!

People say, to go on a healthy diet, or for what it means, a healthy lifestyle, you've gotta start your day with a decent breakfast. Yup, skipping 'em is not one way to get skinny, as for other meals as well. What you need is a healthy, well-balanced food to get you through the day.


Despite stating the fact that breakfast is important, I myself, tend to skip it sometimes Or, in some days, starting my day off with the "standard malaysian" breakfast - which is not really healthy food lah kan .. But during any other days, I just drink a glass of water and eat my puchi-shake ( its like yogurt but taste better and with 130kcal per serving! -helps you digest better too ) and that will be my breakfast for the day.

Unfortunately, today is one of those days where I made some not-so-healthy Malaysian breakfast ( kdg2 people eat this during tea time as well ) which is.. Cucur Udang

Cucur Udang , bebehhh..

Yup, yup..I know, the oil..the calories.. but mind you, though I made a whole bunch of it, I think I only ate like 1 1/2 piece of those yummy-oily-fritters. Hehe. And the rest were chunked down by Zairul

And speaking about cucur, aiyoooo...some people say it's one of the easiest food to cook, but I say..NOT!! I dunnno la why my cucur always turn out cacat and tak sedap Terkeras laaa.. terlembik laa.. terliat laa... No matter what I do, the taste is never the same mcm what I usually eat kat umah kat Malaysia ( or as my family call it " goreng tepung meletup" - you have to be on guard bila buat sbb the cucur will meletup2 tahap tak ingat kdg2 sampai terjun kuali But the taste is sooooooooo sedap, especially bila makan ngan sambal or rendang malam semlm )

And after reading and combining all the tips from Forum.Cari's thread about making cucur, AKHIRNYA..berjaya jugak ku buat cucur yg boleh kata sedap la jugak. Well, maybe not the perfect cucur, but I am getting close to it And that my friend is what we call the joy and triumph you will get from cooking when you've achieved the wanted results. Best wooo! Puas hati!

Anyhow, here's the recipe:


2 cups of flour
1 egg
1 tsp baking powder
1 tsp soda bicarbonate
1/2 tbsp salt
2 tsps tumeric powder ( serbuk kunyit )
2 tsps curry powder
1 tsp curry powder + I tsp chilli powder
warm water
1 tbsp hot oil
Prawns, washed, peeled and deveined
Chinese chives ( kucai or "nira" in japanese )
A handful of bean sprouts ( taugeh )
1 potato, diced as small as you can

How to make:

1. Mix together flour, baking powder, soda bicarbonate, salt & spices. Add egg and warm water to the dry ingredients and mix well. The consistency of the mixture shouldn't be too thick; mixture should drop back into the bowl when scooped using a spoon.
2. Add in the chinese chives, bean sprouts and potatoes.
3. Add the hot oil into the mixture, make sure it's evenly mixed and set aside for 10-20 minutes ( tayah pon takpe kot )
4. Heat a laddle with hot oil for a few minutes, and leave a very small amount of hot oil in the laddle. Using a different spoon, scoop the mixture and put it into the laddle and top it with prawns and then fry.

5. The frying technique: Make sure the oil is hot. Place the laddle into the hot oil and give it a few gently shakes. When the sides start to get slightly browned, use a chopstick and push out the cucur from the laddle. Fry until crispy and brown. Shaking the mixture inside the laddle is what gives the cucur that nice, crispy taste on the outside and soft in the inside. Again, you have to make sure that your oil and the laddle you're using is hot and well-oiled.
6. Tost the excess oil, and cut into smaller pieces. Serve with chilli sauce.

** The people in the forum said that by using warm water, the cucur will be crispy on the outside and soft in the inside.
** I tried using the technique I mentioned up there and also the usuall technique I used to do when making cucur. And the results were very different. So it proves that to get your cucur udang to be crispy and sedap, you're gonna have to use that technique I just said. Sedikit leceh, but worth the effort

The weekend is here again.. And next week will be my exam week; well takde la everyday sbb I only have like 2 papers to score and pastuh, I'M FREE AS A BIRD!

Life will be better, soon

The forever mystery of oily, high calory food..Dang, they're so delicious!

Yana >> haah la K.Yana..ebi mahai nyo lahai Ni testing2 jer K.yana.. sbb tu beli ebi yang murahh sket
Mama >> ekekke...tak tau lak cucur udang tu udang nye biasa kecik2 je mama pakai taram je pakai udang ni. ini pon kira kecik dah mama..yang lain lagik besor2
f i q u e >> heyya fique..amcam Malaysia? hehe.. hope you made it home safely nyer balik...can't wait!!
rossya >> heheh..lama tak makan kuih tu k.rossya and yup, thanks to that frying technique I used..jadik crispy giler!
yangmazni >> heheh..thanks K.Mazni..haah, tak saborrrr dah nak balik nih
kakyong >> tu aa K.Yong..otak dah suku kat Malaysia ni ( iyer ke suku ni? ) Nak balik makan mak masak..boring asik makan makanan masak sendri hehehe
Harlina >> Ur most welcome K.Ina ( can I call you that? ) The credit oso goes to the people kat forum tu jugak.. if it weren't for them, cucur saya ni pon keras&liat aje
nn >> thanks hehe..ada tulis kat atas nuuuu
~ j.e.j.a.k.a ~ FM4555 ~ >> hoho...takleh lawan cucur udang mamak la tapinye kan
Phalinn Ooi >> how's msia Phalinn? aishh...takan ler tak makan cucur udang kat msia kot Apa lagi, dah ada kat Msia tu baik Phalinn makan yg mamak-made punyer..hoho..sedap tuh!
cekya >> ekekekek...alahai ciannyer cekya kita..takde motor jual rojak mamak ke dekat2 opis tu?

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