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Tuesday, 1-Aug-2006 13:06 Email | Share | Bookmark
It's あ 焼きたて メロンパン - Freshly Baked Melon Bread (?)


and my days of experimenting new recipes has just begun! So people, the next few days from now, there will be recipe UPDATES more often than before

Today, I woke up feeling refreshed after lacking of sleep for almost two weeks. Slept my head off sampai nearly noon, qada' tido-tido yg tak cukup all these while

Noon, made Mee Kari Kawin, a recipe I got from scrumptuos, delicious! ( and since I made quite a lot, the mee turned out to be our dinner as well ) And in the evening, I opened a book on breads I bought a few months before. Been meaning to try some of the recipes in there, and today I chose to make the infamous Merong-pang ( that's exactly how it sounds like if you pronounce it in Japanese ) or Melon Bread.

Melon Pan @ Melon Bread

This bread is actually a combination of cookie/bread type of bread ( Something like Roti Boy but without the cinnamon/coffee taste in the cookie crust ) Sometimes people add melon extracts/essence to the bread/cookie dough to give it a nice smell. I didn't have any so I skipped that out. The bread is fairly easy to make, takes probably about the same amount of time to make any other bread.

Mind you, the bread has nothing to do with adding fresh melon into the bread.. And since I was so curious of how the bread got its name, I searched on the net for an explaination and found out a few reasons why:

1. The cracking topping's resemblance of the outer skin of a melon
2. Melon extracts were added to the bread, which leads to it naming it Melon bread
3. The cookie-like topping of the bread "Meriengue" pronounced in a local accent, then turned into "Melon"

Which one is true, I don't know for sure..but I do know that the bread is a nice treat to eat in the morning or evening, accompanied with a cup of hot tea or coffee. The bread is pretty sweet so for those sweet tooth people out there, you might like this bread

Here is the recipe


The bread
180 g bread flour
20 g cake flour
5 g instant active dry yeast
3 g salt
5 g skim milk powder ( susu tepung biasa pon boleh )
10 g condensed milk ( susu pekat )
50 g white sugar
10 g butter
10 g shortening
70 -75ml warm water
2 egg yolks ( about 30 g )

The topping:
30 g butter
60 g confectioner sugar
30 g egg ( beaten and measured )
100 g flour
vanilla essence
grated lemon skin

How to make:

Preparing the bread:
1. Mix the yeast with the warm water and add in the egg yolks. Let rest for 5 minutes.
2. In a mixer bowl, add in flour, sugar, salt and milk powder. Add in the yeast mixture and mix for approx. 2 minutes. Add in the condensed milk after that and knead for another 2 minutes.
3. Mix in the butter and shortening and mix for 3-4 minutes. Scrape out the dough from the bowl and knead it on a floured workspace using your hands until dough becomes elastic ( approx. 5-8 minutes ) Leave in a clean bowl, covered for 1st proofing of 30 mins.
4. Punch down air and let rise for the second time for 75 minutes ( or more.. if you want fluffier bread, let it rise for at least 90 minutes. I like mine a little dense )
Preparing the topping:
5. Meanwhile, for the topping, mix flour and confectioner sugar in a bowl. Pour over your workspace and make a small well in the middle.
6. Mix butter, egg, vanilla essence & grated lemon skin together and pour in the middle of the well. Mix using a scraper or using a fork until well corperated. Make a round ball of dough, pat it flat, wrap in cling wrap and leave in fridge/freezer until being used.
Making the bread:
7. Divide the bread into 8 equal size of about 25g each. Take out cookie dough for the topping and divide those into 8 equal portions as well. Roll out the cookie dough and place it on top of the bread dough. Neatly wrap the cookie dough and dip it in granule sugar ( gula pasir ) Using a knife/scraper make a lattice design on the cookie dough and place the bread on a baking sheet.
8. Leave to proof for 10-20 minutes in a cool dry place to avoid the topping from melting. Bake in a preheated oven of 180 deg. for about 15-20 minutes.

Sebelum dibakar

The original recipe was 5 times the measurements I gave here. I don't want to make too much of these and turns out the amount I made was just enough for me and Zairul to eat. In fact ada lebih lagik Will eat those for breakfast tomorrow

Esok I have school well, not really a lesson, but I have to go sbb amek attendance
then esok nak masak ikan goreng sweet and sour ...wuhuuuuu~ yeah baybeyyy

Signing off for tonite. Roger and out

Bahaya raise anak kat Jepun..they'll either end up dead because of an accident or rosak akhlak

mama >> 1. aah mama..dah MERDEKA
2. Rotinye tak manis sgt mama..topping nye tu je sikiittt kalu nak kurangkan gula tu boleh jer
3. Mee kari tak sempat amek gambo sbb dah kelaporan sgt time tu
4. mmg berat dia dah naik pon mama..kalu tak dulu meleding je badan..kuruih kering!
f i q u e >> itula..mmg dah full gear abes ni ( pasal makan full gear aje, study nak masuk gear 3 pon susah ) takpe, kang dah balik sana ada masa boleh la letak kat FP..nk tgk ghope Kung Pao u plak
kakyong >> dah merdeka dah kak yong..bulan 9 ni balik insya-allah
cik atun >> ekekeke...hampeh kude! tau la umah aku jauh from kombini takpe2..tak marah pon balik la , itu sudah musti..bulan 9 nanti
yangmazni >> ehehe..betul tu K.Mazni mmg pueh hati bleh buat Meron-pan sendiri ( walaupun tak sesedap kedai )
Ummi Asma' >> wsalam..kita ni plak mmg suka masak, bukan sbb nak makan sbb nak amek gambo nye jer timekaseh mai fp kita ek Ummi..dtg la lagi yer
cheda >> itula cheda..sanggup kayuh beskal gi kedai beli bahan ekekeke..
chung >> ooo, gituh ker..lawa shot Chung amek tu..artistic, in way nak rasa kena la mintak si dia dlm gamba tu masak kan, ye dak?
aZeeMaH >> wah wah Azeemah... hari di tunggu semakin menjelang tiba ( aceh ) mesti berdebar2 jantung nye yek..eheh takpe2, I wish you luck, okay!
Noor >> Resepi roti ni famous kat Jepun..biasa la dorg ni, tak suka makan roti plain2..nak yg berinti la, bertopping la

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