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Friday, 4-Aug-2006 19:21 Email | Share | Bookmark
Buns Galore

I browsed through Forum.Cari and saw K.Liza's Chocolate bun at the "rotii..rotii!!" thread..The look of those buns were just to tempting not to try, so today's project:
Chocolate buns, followed by Cheese & Herbs Buns

The base for both buns were of the same recipe, but I added cocoa for the Chocolate buns and fresh herbs for the Herb Buns.

This is how they looked before they were baked

Cheese & Herbs Buns

Chocolate Buns

Here's the recipe:

Chocolate buns
250 g bread flour
15 g milk powder
10 g cocoa powder
50 g sugar
5 g active dry yeast
1 tsp bread softner [optional]
1/2 egg
1/2 tsp salt
125 ml water
40 g margarine

chocolate chips for filling

Herb Buns
250 g bread flour
15 g milk powder
1 tsp fresh thyme
1 tsp fresh oregano
20 g sugar
5 g active dry yeast
1 tsp bread softner [optional]
1/2 egg
1 tsp salt
125 ml water
40 g margarine

cubed cheese for filling

How to make:

1. Mix together all the dry ingredients and later adding in the margarine and water.
2. Knead for 5 minutes using mixer or 10-12 minutes for hand kneading. Leave to proof for the 1st time approx 30-40minutes
3. Punch down gas. Divide into 9 equal sized portions. Add the filling in the middle and place in a well oiled baking tray. Leave to proof for the 2nd time for 40-60minutes.
For the Herb Buns, add in the fresh herbs when your almost done with the kneading process. Brush with egg&milk wash.
4. Bake in a preheated oven of 200 deg for 15-20minutes. After the buns are taken out from the oven, brush with some milk and cover with a piece of cloth. This will make the surface of the buns softer

My Chocolate Buns

My Cheese & Herbs Buns

These buns are utterly soft..maybe it's because of the bread softner and emplex I added to the dough. The trick to have the best results for these buns is to let them RISE completely..the higher they rise, the more air there is in the buns, making them soft and airy and delicious. Don't force the buns to rise..let them take their time and you'll have soft buns for sure! ( I learned that after a few errors I've made in the past )

Such delicious buns.. the cheese & herbs are best eaten this way; tear them in half, using ur oven/oven toaaster give it a nice heating up for say, 3-4minutes to give the inside a crispy surface and melting cheese as well Wickedly delicious with hot mushroom or chicken soup..yummm yummmm!

And as for the isi of the roti, I personally think you can add apape pon in this dough., you name it..raisins, nuts, dry fruits.. The dough is a lil' bit sticky at first, if it's TOO sticky then it means you need to knead the dough a little bit more. Add in your fruits/nuts when ur almost finish with the kneading process.

Thanks again to K.Liza for such an easy and wonderful recipe. The original recipe can be viewed here tomorrow nak masak ape pulak ek? Byk sgt benda nak try.. I just can't pick one

Signing off to shleeeppp.. it's almost 5 in the mornin'..I can barely open my eyes G'nite people!

Crowded places freaks me out..they have a name for that kinda phobia right? what is it aaa?

mama >> acecehh mama..promote saya mcm saya ni mamak roti yg naik motor je tu yek hehehe.. ( ooo..camtu ek mama..pasnih kalu buat nak try tayah sapu apape la atas rotinye )
nfs >> haha..lawson manjang kome ni taula bawah umah jer kuroneko chaku barai la beb ekekekek
mummy hamim2 >> Hi Mummy Hamim..bleh bleh..meh kasik alamatnye
K.Yana >> ekekeke...kashang kosheng tak gebu sgt K.Yana.. Cookie the wabbit tu gebu
KNizam >> bleh direti2kan aje KNizam tak pon beli la kat mamak roti
intan azim >> haah la intan..kalu cicah milo panas pon sodap gak yek hehe..betui ke nak kita jd neighbour intan ni?
kakyong >> Thanks Kak Yong ic, so that's what they call it..tak ponah tau perkataan nye yeahh...that's me alright
hanieliza >> THANKS SO MUCH K.LIZA for the wonderful recipe mmg sedap sgt roti ni..ingat pasnih nk try buat roti buku pakai recipe yg sama la..tgk apa rupenye Again, THANK YOU!
n33za >> haaa..cuba la niza senang aje
Harlina >> ohhhh K.Lina pon nak balik Msia ke? Balik for good or balik cuti?
trottrot >> haaaa...meh sini meh..kita kasik bun nye seketul
sayer >> aaa.. yang bread softener tu bawak from Msia tp kalau dlm nihonggo パン軟化剤 ..tatau la kalu ada jual ke tak kat Nihon..gomenne tak dpt nak kalu tak de pon takpe sebenarnye
silvershadow >> aaa...pasal evaporated milk tu..this is what I found on the net:
1. Evaporated filled milk is a prepared blend of skim milk, vegetable oil, stabilizers and vitamins.
2. Evaporated milk is made by removal or evaporation of water from milk without the addition of any preserving material.
..and yang evaporated creamer tu maybe mcm creamer yg utk letak dlm tea or coffe kot I'm sorry if my information is not that helpful ..hope this helps
nn >> tak jugak nn...tgk la,kalu harituh ada try recipe baru..then ada la update nye
nabialishad >> haaa..kena buat la camtu kalu sumanye Hantu Roti
syima >> hi Syima! hehehe...takde ape sgt maa..sket2 aje ni..plannye mmg nak bukak kedai pon tp kena kumpul duit dulu lerr ( apa la guna aku amik engineering kekadang tuh )
rossya >> alaaa.... k.rossya lagila terrer kita tgk.. i'm sure K.rossya pon bleh buat nyer laa
emly >> yeah...that's what I'm doing to Zairul now..saja kasik dia gemuk sbb dulu kuruihh sgt
Phalinn >>
aaa..K.Liza tu mmg sifu masak byk refer from dia Phalinn nye recipe pon not bad.. I use ur mee goreng mamak recipe everytime I make mee goreng skrg ni

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