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Thursday, 24-Aug-2006 16:43 Email | Share | Bookmark
Moving on..

Hello Everyone.

It's been a while since I last post a recipe here. Cookie's sudden death was such a shock to me, left me feeling a bit empty inside, and gave me no mood to post any new recipes..

And again, thanks so very much from the bottom of our hearts for the warm words of encouragements & condolences. We truly do appreciate it

So, today I decided to move on, after a long session of 'berkabung'. I made these lovely buns after I went to Pompadour, a famous bakery in Japan and ate on of their Spincah & Cheese bun. I know I could try and imitate the taste, though actually I had NO IDEA of how to even make the bread. So, I improvised I used K.Liza's Chocolate bun recipe with a few minor changes to the recipe.

the texture

The bun came out soft and good, and especially delicious when eaten warm from the oven with a cup of hot tea or coffee or milo

Here's the recipe

220 g bread flour
30 g potato flakes ( instant mash potatoes flakes )
7 g instant dry yeast
20 g sugar
8 g salt
1 tbsp milk powder
1 tsp bread softener & emplex **optional**
1/2 egg
125 ml warm water
40 g margarine / butter

30 g shredded Cheddar cheese
spinach, broiled, rinsed in cold water and cut into smaller bits ( you can use as much or as little spinach as u want )

How to make:
1. Follow the method on preparing the bun just like in my previous post on K.Liza's Chocolate bun up until the 1st proofing.
2. Punch down the gas and add in shredded cheese and spinach and gently fold into the dough. Roughly cut out the dough into 8 even portions. The dough will be STICKY, so dust some flour when shaping.
3. Leave the dough covered for about 20-30mins and bake in a preheate doven of 180deg for 25-30 minutes or until surface starts to get brownish.
4. Serve warm with sour cream or cream cheese or even the bread alone with hot coffe or tea for breakfast or tea.

Cheese & Spinach Bun

The buns here in Japan are not just the average bread u would normally see. Japanese bakeries like to add in filling, put on toppings; sweet & savory and make wonderful things with breads. This Cheese and Spinach Bun is simply one of the creative ideas these bakeries bake all the time to come up to the customers expectations. It also shows that creativity is a good quality to have in our lives

Ok then, I'm gonna sign off. It's nearly 2:30am and I have my part time job tomorrow. Gnite Good People!

A special thanks to all who's been a loyal visitor to my fp. I'm sorry for not updating for a while..I'm feeling better and moving on now.. this is for all of you out there

mama >> aah la mama, sekali pandang nampak cam scone but as scone-y like as it is, it's a bun
fariz >> thanks fariz i like ur fp too..makin ramai dah ber'dslr' ni..bila laaa aku nak ber'dslr' gak nih
nabialishad >> hehe..that's what u call, EXPERIMENTING! seb baik la jadik nabia and thanks..i'm glad to be back!
rossya >> that sounds like an idea to me will try the spinach quiche when i get back to msia i am feeling better..and merdeka tak sempat la nak sambut kat msia..i'm going back on the 2nd
Harlina >> ooo..dah nak kuar dah umah ? still sempat masak must be great to be able to balik msia permanently selamat beronggeng before balik K.Lina!

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