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Friday, 8-Sep-2006 11:49 Email | Share | Bookmark
I'm BACK!!

Hellluuuuuu everybody

Zairul and I dah pun selamat balik Malaysia..he's in Taiping, I'm in Gombak. We arrived safely last Saturday, finally opting for MAS due to some problems with our previously reserved tickets. And I came to realize that biarla mahal pon, MAS is definitely the best way to travel back home.. one thing, you don't have to transit and it's such a soothing feeling as the wheels of the aeroplane hit the Malaysian ground and u can hear the captain saying,

" all Malaysians boarding this flight, WELCOME HOME.. "

Zairul took another flight from KLIA to Penang, where his brother picked him up while I made my stop at KLIA. My family came and picked me up and that night we headed of to Umbai, Melaka for some nasi lemak and ikan bakar.. I've been thinking 'bout it a few days before I went back, when we had ikan goreng ( fried fish ) for dinner.

We ate our hearts out, well.. actually, I ate my heart out..melepaskan gian.., did I have trouble swallowing all the food that was in front of me habis makan, mmg gila kebentak!!

Then we went back to Muar, our house kat kampung, spent the weekend there. I finally got a taste of our home grown pulasan, a fruit somewhat like rambutan, but with less hair I find pulasan to taste better than rambutan and that Sunday, we went back to KL with 3 big plastic bags of pulasan in the trunk of the car

Pulasan taken from our houses' back yard

Up close and personal, Pulasan

The rest of the week went by doing pretty much nothing. I finally got to meet the infamous Fotographique, who happens to be my pet sis in TKC's little brother.. other than that, I didn't get to cook that much though, because most of the days my sis and I bought food from outside. Although I did cook lunch for my sister the other day, which was my family's famous Daging Masak Tomato

Daging Tomato


Sliced beef, ( boiled until soft & keep the beef stock for later use )
2 cloves of garlic, sliced
1/4 large onion, sliced
2cm ginger, sliced
5 tbsps Kimball tomato sauce
2 tbsps Kimball chilli sauce
2 tbsps beef stock ( from boiling the beef )
1 tbsp thick soy sauce ( Cap udang, tamin..anykind of ur liking )
red chilli to garnish

How to make:

1. Saute onions, ginger & red chilli until fragrant. Add in the sliced beef and stir fry for 1 minute
2. Add in the sauces, beef stock, salt & pepper and stir fry for 3-5 minutes. Place in a plate.
3. Serve with warm white rice.

** U can substitute the beef with chicken & use any tomato or chilli sauce of any brand. If you're using Heinz ketchup, remember to put in 1/2 teaspoon of sugar or honey.

Anyhoooo, I was planning on making Lemon Olive oil cake today, but some things got in the way. Well, I guess later then

Will go out with some old frens from school tomorrow.. can't wait! Some of 'em I haven't seen for almost 4-5 years! So, imagine how excited I am

And good news, I got meself my editing soft for the pics.. So I guess I'll be up and running again, from now on.. stay tuned!

I ate my favourite curry laksa at Midvalley, and then I realised just how much oil there was in the noodle

sba >> thank you
rossya >> hehehe... ikan bakar mmg best! tp kitorg suka lagi makan kat Serkam sebenornye k.rossya penah makan kat situ?
dusyum >> hehehe... sekali sekala je dusyum..nownih tgh sronot makan mak masak
kak yong >> feels great to be HOME!! thanks kak yong!!
fique >> terkezutttttt i tgk minyak kat atas kari laksa tu..waduhhhhhh merah tak hingatt sedut pakai straw gerenti mati tersedak!!
quizzibee >> ehehheehh...thank you quizzibee!
cheda >> taklah, ni balik cuti je...bulan 10 nih balik jepun balik nak gambo steps by steps? insya-allah nx time zack letak laa ek
hanieliza >> itula K.Liza, saya pon jarang sgt makan buah ni..kebetulan balik pokok pulasan blkg umah kat kg tu tgh masak tp last week pegi lagi sekali tgk abesss sume kena makan kera tenseennnnnnn
nn >> lah lauk palingggggg senang nn..cuba la, jgn tak cuba
harithizzat >> tula, pulasan mmg besttt i prefer pulasan than rambutan
turbovtec >> thanks turbovec
apis585 >> Muor kat Bukit Gambir la apiss..nape yek?
emly >> hohoh ye ke emly..ok ok, nanti zack try. Blom gi KLCC lagik ni
kaezrin >> hehe, tu lauk peberettt kitorg time2 malas nak makan lauk susah2..sonang dan sodapppp!
nabialishad >> yup yup...kite sudah balik la nabia selayang sekat jer tuh.. tak pon meh la dtg umah.. kat tmn selaseh dekat je fr selayang..5 minit je naik keta cuti ni mmg bermotifkan nak makan pon
Yana >> OOoooo.. K.Yana pon org gombakkk kaaa dulu penah gi sek. gombak setia bukan sekolah situh la Nak pulasan sket ke K.Yana? hehehe
intan azim >> hehehehe... bila tu yek intan? mehler dtg gombak

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