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Friday, 6-Oct-2006 14:20 Email | Share | Bookmark
And so it continues..

Alhamdulillah, sedar tak sedar it's nearly 2 weeks kita semua dah berpuasa. This year's fasting month started out great for me and zairul, because we got to go through the 1st week in Malaysia- yesss, fasting in Malaysia is beyond words. I guess it's the time when we get to sahur and buka with family and friends back home is what makes fasting in Malaysia different and special..

Some pictures of me and my dearest TKCian gals berbuka puasa kat OU

And think of the FOOD you get to buy and feast on from those Pasar Ramadhan; name whatever you want to eat, you got it! ( unless you want sirloin steaks or carbonara pasta, you'd have to opt for other places then ) I'm talking, GOOD MALAYSIAN FOOD. The kuehs, the noodles, the rice, the grilled chicken, the sweet drinks... I must say, it was damn worthwhile to be paying those extra yen for the ticket

Anyways, now that we're both back in Okayama, our fasting days are back to the normal routine we have each year. But I've learned some new recipes from mommy dearest and I guess this year's puasa won't be so normal afterall

Well today I made two dishes, Steamboat Pn. Sa'adah's style and Grilled Salmon with rice. Both recipes were utterly easy to make, I practicaly prepared both the dishes in less than 30 minutes So, get you pens and papers everybody, here's the recipe:

Steamboat Mommy Dearest's Style

for the soup
3 cloves garlic, sliced
2cm ginger, sliced
1 tbsp sesame oil
1/2 cube beef stock ( I normally use Maggie's Beef Stock )
spring onion ( daun bwg )
chinese corriander ( daun sup )
water ( You can adjust to how thick or thin you want your steamboat soup to be )
salt to taste
*dry chillie if you want it to be spicy

How to make:

1. Stir fry garlic and ginger in sesame oil until fragrant. Pour in water and bring to a boil
2. Add in the beef stock and let simmer until stock's dissolves. Add in spring onions and chinese corriander. Simmer for 5-6 minutes and throw in the stuff you want to put in your steamboat; prawns, fishballs, veggies..etc
* add in fish/prawns first, before dumping in the fishballs and veggies to give the the base extra flavor
* saute chillie with garlic and ginger to give your base a tint of spicyness

As for the salmon, here's how I do it.

Grilled Salmon


for the fish
2 slices of fresh salmon
1 tbsp olive oil
*crazy salt ( optional )
chinese corriander

for the sauce
1 1/2 tbsp mayonaise
1 tsp lemon juice, and a pinch of lemon zest
2 tbsp olive oil
1/2 tsp honey

How to make:

1. Marinade the fish with oilve oil, salt and pepper. Fry in a non-stick frying pan, with the lid on. Make sure the pan is fairly hot before grilling the fish. If you have a griller, go ahead and use it.
2. When the fish is halfway browned, throw in some corriander leaves and cover.
* I added 1 tbsp of my steamboat base to the fish to give it extra flavor
3. For the sauce, mix mayonaise, honey, lemon juice & zest, and olive oil. Stir until combined and drizzle over grilled salmons.

So there you go, 2 simple recipes that I guarantee will satisfy any growling tummy at the end of you fasting day, anytime!

I also made some biskut raya, but I guess I'll post the recipe tomorrow lah. I'm kinda tired today, tatau apsal..

Yup, I guess my cooking days are finally starting to kick in

( I was too busy eating when I was back home, though I cooked, I just didn't even bother to take pictures )

My lil' sis got me listening to Xfresh ( it's a radio station in M'sia; supposedly for teenagers ) and now I find myself downloading songs I listened from that radio!

KNizam >> haaa..kalu lom makan, kena la try masak
sid >> thank you sid it's good to be back!
zakiah zainuddin >> Hi Zakiah! Or should I call you, Kak Zakiah? heheheh...welcome welcome to my fp Thank you for dropping by and it's good to know there's another Zakiah that shares the same hobby as I do.. Agaknye org nama Zakiah ni mmg suka masak ker? Anyways, enjoy ur time in Jpn Lepas ni bleh la kita share2 resepi kan akak?
cik bawang >> boleh cik problem cuba la jgn tak cuba..senang je tu
mapley >> ekekke...tula mapley, sapa suruh balik msia awal? then again, next year korg dah balik msia pon kan..bleh raya msia lagi tu..camni aku la yg patut jelesss
aZeemah >> heyyyy's married life treating ya'? Mrs-to-be ni mmg tembab lama dah tgh berusaha nak kurangkan tembam nye la nih...*sigh* salmon tu kena try..senang n sedap! trust me tp kena pakai salmon fresh la kalu boleh
ouled kenitra >> yup, nothing can beat buka puasa kat msia..homesick! *sob sob*
txh62 >> hahaha..sila sila join mapley..jgn tak join!

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