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Wednesday, 22-Nov-2006 13:41 Email | Share | Bookmark
Fried Rice and Brioches anyone?

Today I started my day early, cleaning the kitchen and room. I felt pretty refreshed from last night's sleep so all the energy was there waiting to be used. So made both of us a pretty big breakfast today.

I had some leftover rice from yesterday's dinner, and so happened I had some shrimps in the fridge as well - which could only lead me to making Chinese Fried Rice. I remember this very good tip I got from a cooking show I watched a long time ago.

Yup, MIX 'EM TOGETHER! I dunno if any of you've already known about this..but it's a great way to have those eggs spread out nice and even in your fried rice. You should also make sure that your wok is REALLY hot and well oiled. You have to fry all the ingredients fast and constantly stirring the rice and frying should not be more than 5 minutes ( to serve for 2, so if you're cooking for a crowd, I suggest you make them in portions..the fried rice will taste better! ) This is why you need to have the wok HOT!

Here's how I make my Chinese Fried Rice

2 cups white rice
6-8 shrimps
1/2 of 1 chicken breast, diced
2 cloves garlic, finely minced
1/2 green onion, minced
1 tsp minced ginger
mix veggie
2-3 eggs
2 tbsp oyster sauce
2 tbsp spring onions
2 tbsp fried shallots ( bwg goreng )
2 tbsp veggie oil + 1 tbsp sesame oil
salt, white & black pepper, sugar to season

How to make:

1. Prepare all the ingredients; Have them placed in bowl along with the seasonings; oyster sauce, salt, sugar and pepper. Make sure that everything is within your hands reach because you'll be cooking very fast, so you won't have time to run to the sink or table for the ingredients.
2. Heat up the wok, put in the oil and check to make sure that the wok is really hot by sprinkle a little bit of water to the side of the wok and it should steam up very quickly.
3. Pour in onions, garlic, chicken and shrimps. Stir quickly followed by the oyster sauce and mix veggie. Pour in the rice mixed with eggs ( see the TIPS picture above ) and stir fry quickly. Use a big spatula is you need to. It sure helps sometimes
4. Lastly add in the spring onions, fried shallots and season with enough salt, sugar and pepper of your liking. VOILA!

Yum Yum

After that I made some brioches, which I got the recipe again from the great cook, Nicky of Delicious:Days. The recipe is really easy to follow and the bread taste heavenly! This is my 3rd time making these brioches and I never feel tired of 'em! I changed the inside a little bit though, experimenting with a different taste since I've already tried the original recipe

500 g bread flour
250 ml warm milk
75 g white sugar
75 g melted butter
1 egg
10 g instant yeast
a pinch of salt
melted butter to brush
**orange zest
**diced almonds
**nutmeg & cinnamon powder ( 1/4 tsp each )

** is optional. You can ditch 'em and the bread will still taste great!

How to make:

1. Sift flour in bowl, make a hollow in the middle, pour in the warm milk and 1 tbsp of sugar plus the instant yeast. Stir lightly and leave it for 15 minutes.
2. Add in the remaining ingredients and knead for 10 minutes. Leave dough to proof for 45-60minutes ( or until doubled )
3. Knead the proofed dough lightly, and shape them into 14 even portions. You can put them in muffin cups and bake them in muffins trays like Nicky does it but I didn't want my brioches to be TOO BIG so I made them round and slightly flatter.
4. Leave for second proofing for 30 minutes and bake in preheated oven of 200 deg. for about 20 minutes. Take out the brioches and brush them lightly with melted butter. Serve warm with jam and butter and a cup of nice hot tea or coffee

Brioche is a light but rich French bread or cake made with a yeast dough enriched with eggs, milk, and butter. The crust is glazed before baking and turns a deep golden brown. The crumb is delicate and pale yellow in colour. - Wikipidea

The inside


So tomorrow's Labour Day in Japan, the whole nation is on holiday for 1 day.. so no school, no part time I've been thinking of relaxing at home but then I remembered that I have a mid-term exam coming on Monday ..


So books O thy books, where art thou??

Exams = ??

p/s:I haven't been able to reply to some of my previous posts before and I apologize for that.. I've been tied up with tonnes of work lately, but I'll try my best to reply to those who are sweet enough to leave a couple of words in my fp..again, thank you for visiting my fp everyone!
KNizam >> HI KNizam..well, brioches are more of to breads kalau compare to scones..scones are like soft cookies. Eitherway, both sedap dimakan utk breakfast
alchemist >> ur welcome..and thanks for coming by mine too!
sweetfrosting >> u have lovely cupcakes oon ur fp.. i like 'em lots! brioches ni sedap makan ngan jam and butter..roti ni cepat keras kalu biar sejuk, but kalau heat up balik dlm microwave, it'll be soft again
mummy hamim2 >> zairul dah tak heran dah zack masak byk2 bukan semua zack masak menjadik pun yup, tgk gaya cam meriah jer raya kat UK yek.. maklumla, banyak msian kat UK
Mademoiselle Ayu >> Yup, mmg simple and sodap sehingga menjilat idung!
~F&Z~ >> hihihi...lom lagi la mithali pon lom tentu lepas
nic >> haah nic, try la..sonang jer nih..gaul2, campak dlm kuali!
nn >> tenkyu nn.. zack pon tak byk sgt u didn't really miss much thanks sbb slalu jengok fp zack
MamaFaMi >> haah mama..mmg kalu gaul skali jd lagiiii sedap brioches tu mmg patut ada toncet tp brioches zack toncet nyer tercicir la mama
za+za >> i checked out the net and apparently brioches are pronounced like this: Bre-osh..and mine looks pretty much like a plain bread sbb malas nk ikut bentuk asal die
maR >> yup K..Mar..brioches mmg selalu nya bentuk camtu.. zack lagi suka baking2 ni kalau compare to cooking on the's really not that hard once u get the hang of it
intan azim >> hihihi...zack nk pindah balik msia cam lambat lagi kot nak kasik sampai boring dok jepun baru balik
n33za >> really?? i'm glad u liked it..fuihh..dua pot licin tu gamaknyer sedap la kot yek
amroose adam >> hehehe...camtu kena la carik mem yg suka masak gak..baru ler ada org masakkan nanti adam
Ina >> Thanks a lot Ina for coming by my fp..Most recipes zack cuba are western pon tgh blajo2 masak jepun n melayu sket2 I'm glad you liked the ones u've tried out and again, thanks for the word of support!
suz >> haaa...cara mcm Suz buat pon boleh gak sebenarnye but sometime kalu zack buat telur nye angussss kat bahgn bawah kuali..sbb tu zack campur siap2
e c a h >> heheh..sia ecah sampai leleh air liur..lain kali kena stand by tissue siap2 lain kali gi kedai mamak suruh la dia hidang camtu..mesti makin selera makan
silvershadow >> ohooooo....meltkan dulu gula dlm kuali ek? abes tu masukkan minyak ke tak yer? best2..bleh try tips yg ni plak..tenkyuu! btw, zack mmg dah lama nk buat Pavlova, tp tak terbuat2 thanks for the link though..akan zack cobaa nanti
yusoff+yana=azhad >> i totally agree with you!!
rossya >> mine are missing the hats la K.Rossya ..tercicir tang mana ntah..
azurahakim >> hoho...bahaya tgk makanan kalu tak makan lagi..zack kalu camtu dijamin dalam perut dah buat lagu
Sabrina >> well, nak tau amazing ke tak Sab pun kena la try buat ( hoho..angkat bakul kah itu?? )
Phalinn >> yup, yup..its a good tip, not just for Chinese Fried Rice nasik goreng ikan masin ker, nasik goreng cili api ke ...u name it..sume can one
yangmazni >> huhuh...perut yg lapar haruss di berikan makanan cepat2 K.Mazni kang kena gastrik mcm zack kalu tak makan
mapley >> haaa..aku rasa aku pon tgk kat NHK gak la eh eh..kau pon tgk bangumi masak gak yerkkk? bagus bagus.. nanti che puteh ada la assistant di dapur
::gee:: candidsyndicate >> hi gee..thanks for dropping by..yup, this tip pretty much works with all kind of nasik goreng yg bertelur cuba jgn tak cuba

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